ANGULARIS is an owner-managed and independent project developer, asset and investment manager specializing in refurbishment, the realization of new projects and the sustainable development of real estate assets. We focus on Munich and other attractive locations in Bavaria. Our innovative and ecological approach combines investor interests with a special understanding of urban planning, sustainability and architecture.

Angularis - about us. Statue von Löwe in München

What does ANGULARIS stand for?

The word Angularis originates from the Latin and stands for the cornerstone of a building. With it begins the construction and after it the location and dimension of the construction is directed. Dealing with him is thoughtful and determined. That's why we chose this name for our company.

You can see that this is the most important stone with which I started the building. For according to the lines laid by him, the whole form of the building is directed in length, in width, and in height. That's why we call it the "head of the corner."  Explanation by a Bethlehem builder on the significance of the cornerstone (lat.: lapis angularis) of a building 


- a real estate platform

which is owner-managed and independent and acquires, structures and manages profitable and sustainable investments in real estate projects. The focus is on “opportunistic“ and “value add“ investments.

- with headquarter and focus on Munich

and Bavaria. Many projects arise from the personal network. The focus is on commercial projects such as land developments, offices and commercial buildings as well as hotels.

- Investment Partners

ANGULARIS Investment Partners GmbH acts as a capital investor and cooperates with other private equity and institutional investors.

- with know-how and track record

This is the property of the founders and the team in the areas of project development and active asset management of office and commercial real estate as well as in the acquisition, structuring, leasing, marketing, construction law creation and project management of complex real estate projects.

Our message


We look to the future with concrete focus, trust in our own skills and implement our projects with the help of strong partners.


Appreciation, consideration and recognition of diversity creates a diverse envelope and makes it possible to achieve the goal with common strength and living strength.


Through economic action, a basic understanding of the environment and social commitment, we combine tradition and modernity in sustainable real estate.

What moves us?

With the design of our products, we bear the responsibility for the collective memory. Specialist and social competence are the key to our success.

Angularis - Georgiev und Maier
Mr.Marc Maier, Mr.Vladislav Georgiev

At home in Munich - comfortable in the world.

Vogelpr. Marienplatz

In the Munich region, just under a quarter of the population and about one third of Bavaria's gross domestic product are concentrated. The city of Munich is a strong driver of tradition and innovation with internationally leading corporations, a stable base of medium-sized companies and a creative and active start-up scene. The scientific location and the infrastructure contribute to sustainable development, which is reflected in the commercial real estate market.

In this dynamic and professional real estate market, ANGULARIS shareholders have a sustainable track record in the areas of project development, investment management and active asset management. Agile management methods such as SCRUM are also used in projects with the support of digital solutions. The development and implementation of integrated New Work concepts are a sustainable building block for every product. The approach considers investor interest and is characterized by a special understanding of urban planning and architecture and always by the view of the people.

Our associations

Logo - Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors

Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors

The world's leading professional qualification in the real estate, construction and infrastructure sectors. The professional association was founded in England in 1868.

Logo - Bayerische Architektenkammer

Bavarian Chamber of Architects

The Bavarian Chamber of Architects is a public law body to which every architect, interior designer, landscape architect and urban planner in Bavaria is a compulsory member.

Logo - Bauprozessmanagement und Immobilienentwicklung .

Construction process management and real estate development

The Chair of Construction Process Management and the Chair of Real Estate Development conduct research and teach in close cooperation with organizational sciences and management in the construction and real estate industry.

Logo - Bundesverband Freier Immobilien- und Wohnungsunternehmen

Federal Association of Free Real Estate and Housing Companies

The BFW Bayern is the interface between politics, administration, science and the real estate industry in Bavaria. The BFW is the mouthpiece that concentrates and articulates the practical knowledge and opinion of our members in the right places.

Others about us

Our Team

Angularis - Kellner

Benedikt Kellner

Associate | Projektmanagement
Angularis - Katja Maier

Katja Maier

Project Management Office
Angularis - Marc Maier

Marc Maier

Managing Partner
Angularis - Maya Georgiev

Maya Georgiev

Finance and Controlling
Angularis - Janinhoff

Thomas Janinhoff

Senior Manager
Angularis - Georgiev

Vladislav Georgiev

Managing Partner



Commitment of ANGULARIS

Bild Environmental

Our Motivation

Through passionate, innovative and resource-conserving action, we shape the future of people and the environment with real estate in a goal-oriented manner.

As an investor, we see it as our social obligation to contribute to a more sustainable world. We believe that long-term success can only be achieved if economic, environmental and social objectives go hand in hand.

Bild Social

Our Purpose

"Real estate for people and the environment" is the guiding principle for our ESG strategy. This goes far beyond the generally accepted minimum standards and is continuously being further developed.

ESG Kriterien - Bild von Baum


Angularis - Immobilienzyklus

Real estate cycle

Our performance picture fully covers the life cycle of the property and ensures professional action with different risk profiles. This also allows us to close the gap between the classic “core“ and “opportunistic“ return expectations with a “re-manage-to-core“ strategy and secures optimization potential for both investor groups.  All services are provided at different return profiles with their own company.

Our services


We carry out the acquisition, initiation and structuring of real estate projects. We create the product definition, control the planning and marketing and are responsible for the possible sale or transition into the stock. 

Building law creation

Considering the public and economic framework, we optimize the possible buildability with sustainable concepts and supervise the approval process.

Investment management

Together we design the investment strategy, find the right investment objects, carry out the transaction, manage the project and achieve the agreed returns.

Project management

We structure and manage the projects and manage the planning and construction implementation of the projects. The project teams work agile, inclusive, product- and goal-oriented. Fair contract management, transparent reporting and risk management create sustainability of the product and relationships.

Rental and marketing

We shape the product considering sustainable requirements and the interests of the target groups. The rental strategy for location and market situation defines the measures for marketing. Negotiations with prospective tenants will be conducted transparently and in the interests of the parties to a common success.

Asset Management

We identify value creation potentials for existing objects and actively implement them as part of a “re-manage-to-core“ strategy.


For ongoing real estate projects or at crucial moments of the projects, we offer tailor-made controlling services or an independent, based second opinion for shareholders, banks or investors.

Restructuring of NPLs

In the case of impaired real estate loans, we offer credit institutions support at the portfolio or real estate level. In doing so, we jointly develop strategies for restructuring and resolution and implement them on a project-specific basis.

Revitalization of existing properties

A particular strength of ANGULARIS is the revitalization of old properties. To this end, we analyze existing properties and develop concepts for modern and sustainable uses of existing structures. In this way, we secure grey energy and at the same time enable an attractive development of existing properties.


ASAM Urban Office - Development and Revitalization in central Munich

Angularis - ASAM Urban Office - Development in central Munich

Josephspitalstr. 3, Munich

Scope of work:

  • Acquisition
  • Investment Management
  • Development
  • Creating Zoning Rights
  • Revitalization
  • Letting and Marketing
  • Project Management
  • The single tenant is the WFP Innovation Accelerator of the United Nations - WFP - World Food Programme
A project of ANGULARIS
Completion 2023

GABRIEL Urban Office - Development new build office building

Angularis - GABRIEL Urban Office - Development downtown Munich

Downtown Munich

Scope of work:

  • Acquisition
  • Investment Management
  • Development
  • Creating Zoning Rights
  • Revitalization
  • Letting and Marketing
  • Project Management

  • A project of ANGULARIS

GROW Urban Living - Manage-to-Core Residential Apartment Building

Angularis - GROW Urban Living - Residential Apartment Building

Heßstrasse 102, Winzererstr. 1+3 in Munich Schwabing

Scope of work:

  • Commercial restructuring
  • Technical restructuring
  • Asset Management
  • Project Management
  • Letting

  • A project of ANGULARIS

VELUM - Structured sale residential and commercial building

Angularis - VELUM - Structured sale residential and commercial building in Arnulfpark, Munich

Arnulfpark, Munich

Investment Management

Scope of work:

  • Investment management in the context of a structured sale
  • Letting and Marketing
A project of ANGULARIS
Completion 2021

FLOW City Hub - Manage to Core Office and Commercial Building

Angularis - FLOW City Hub - Manage to Core Office and Commercial Building

Bayerwaldstraße 3-5, Munich-Perlach


  • Acquisition
  • Investment Management
  • Asset Management
  • Letting and Marketing
A project of ANGULARIS
Completion 2022

Transaction Management

Angularis - Transaction Management

Ingersheim Forward Share Deal

Scope of work:

  • Partial service of investment management
A project of ANGULARIS
Completion 2020

Development of an office and commercial quarter

Angularis - Entwicklung eines Gewerbequartiers

Hufelandstr., München

Scope of work:

• Project development
• Building law creation
• Project management
• Control of marketing

A project of BVK/GLL and Hammer AG
Period: 2016 to 2021

ConnEX - a highly efficient office and commercial building

Angularis - Das Connex

Frankfurter Ring, München

Scope of work:

• Project development
• Building law creation
• Project management
• Marketing and rental

A project of Hammer AG

Redevelopment from singletenant to multitenant

Angularis - Lindberghstr

Lindberghstr., München

Scope of work:

• Project development
• Building law creation
• Marketing and rental
• Asset Management

A project of Hammer AG

Project development of an office and commercial building

Angularis - Koppstraße

Koppstraße, München

Scope of work:

• Acquisition in structured bidding process
• Project development
• Project structuring and conception
• Building rights creation as part of a B-plan

A project of Hammer AG and the Optima-Aegidius Group

Building rights creation in Freiham

Angularis - Hans Stützle Str

Hans Stützle Str., Freiham

Scope of work:

• Acquisition in public tender
• Project structuring and conception
• Building rights creation as part of a B-plan
• Execution of a structured bidding process and sale

A project of Hammer AG

Construction law creation of trades in housing

Angularis - Preußenstraße

Preußenstraße, München

Scope of work:

• Acquisition off-market
• Project structuring and conception
• Building rights creation as part of a B-plan
• Execution of a structured bidding process and sale

A project of Hammer AG

SPAC of commercial property

Angularis - Bild Trainigsakademie

Training Academy, Unterschleißheim

Scope of work:

• Acquisition off-market
• Project structuring and conception
• Purchase and sale as a SPAC

A project of Hammer AG

Acquisition and Investment

Sustainable investments with a safe return.

ANGULARIS Investment Partners GmbH, a company of ANGULARIS together with a south German family office, cooperates with a small group of investors and pursues a “value add“ or “opportunistic“ return approach. We only acquire projects with a sustainable opportunity-risk profile, which can be implemented safely and reliably, supported by the capital strength and know-how as well as high standards.

From the very beginning, we create equality of interests and transparency, so that together we are also successful in a partnership.

The investor and ANGULARIS participate as partners in a project company. Each project company has only one real estate property, which is implemented and sold within the scope of the business plan or transferred to the investor's portfolio. The implementation of the projects is also possible together with ANGULARIS as a club deal among partners.

In addition, ANGULARIS develops tailor-made solutions for property owners and investors who want ANGULARIS to participate in one of the own projects and, for example, want to create value without selling their own property.

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